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"Helping People Produce Successful Lives

Using Storytelling, The Arts, Creativity & Diversity

"Everyone matters but we can only exist through our stories. Our stories defeat or empower us. Join me in creating a place where it is safe to be who you are."

"Become Part of the Experience" 

Visit Mendel Denise Service


Hello, my name is Mendel Denise Service. I have been involved in community centered arts and storytelling for more than 50 years. I know the arts, and opportunities to create, can improve lives, neighborhoods and communities. Actually, they can improve the world by helping to build bridges of understanding instead of walls of fear and divisiveness. I am negotiating for a location, in Newport News, VA, where I can establish an arts, culture, creativity, heritage, legacy center. For more info on incubator, vendor, performing and sales opportunities, please send me a message on my contact page. We are accepting applications. 


 Join Mendel at Indulge Bakery & Bistro for a life affirming, fun, inspiring, educational and enriching event. It is a free ticked event. 


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Creating Productions Dedicated to Giving Visibility & Voice, To The Unseen & Unheard, Through The Art of Storytelling

For more information send an email to [email protected]

Our Products and Services

The main goal is to create opportunities to "Help People to Produce Successful Lives" using the arts, creativity, technology, storytelling and community."

I develop places "where artists and the arts thrive" and communities where people know they are welcome, wanted, appreciated and belong.

Digital & Stage Storytelling Concerts

I use photography, videography, my books and my stage productions to tell my stories. Training workshops and scheduled gatherings are available to help participants gather and share their stories too.

Self-healing, self-advocacy, self-love and finding one's authentic self can increase through the art of storytelling.

Tea Time With Mendel

My "With A Cup of Tea & A Story" Project seeks to address the reality that there is an epidemic of loneliness, isolation, cultural alienation and cultural homelessness. I am on a mission to end loneliness and a person feeling unloved and unwanted - one person, one cup, one story, one product at a time.

Product Line

Publications, fabric quilts, wearable art, folk art, storytelling,  productions, exhibits, mobile art centers and mobile museums, workshops, seminars, ongoing events and consultations. Community Access To The Arts Catalogue of Artists & Service Providers

With a deep respect for the dignity and value of every human being products work to increase our ability to enjoy life, to enjoy and respect diversity and offer opportunities for individuals (who need a helping hand) to earn "pocket money", "stepping stone funds" and "transitional revenue" when an individual is moving from one season of life to another.

It can take years for a "survivor" to get back on their feet and in some cases the needs are permanent or longterm. Our product line is designed to make sure real people, with real issues get real solutions.

Our ABLE VILLAGE concept develops communities with up to ten participants who work together to help one another in practical ways - and they don't have to have the answers we work with them to create them.

Arts Based Coaching

For individuals, groups, educational systems, youth service providers, companies, "help" groups and organizations, companies, entrepreneurs and businesses.

Being our authentic self, enjoying who we are, celebrating our culture and heritage in a community where we feel we are loved, wanted, valued and accepted is a wonderful, awesome, experience. 

The arts and creativity have the power to cross new and old barriers of fear and distrust so that an individual can become fully realized and happy and can heal.

With the right support, creative and innovative ideas it is possible to help improve the quality of life of everyone who needs a "helping hand".

The only limitation is what we think and the only change needed is to revisit what we think has to be so that we do not resort to saying "be realistic" and instead we continue to explore and discover what can be. 

Mendel The Artist Storyteller

Mendel is an accomplished professional storyteller. She is available to perform at your event. In addition to her traditional storytelling concerts she creates multimedia performances and events.  She is a photographer, folk artist, fabric artist, writer, workshop facilitator and videographer. 

She conducts storytelling workshops (and other workshops including in the arts, creativity and life skills) for aspiring performers, writers, visual artists, businesses, organizations, companies and general public. 

She  is committed to increasing a better understanding of the value of artists and the arts globally and to increase accessibility and diversity. 

Mendel's You Tube Channel is MARDEN'S PRODUCTIONS.

Words From Our Customers

You have compassion. You care about people who need to be heard, need to heal and people who need to rediscover their own voices. You are excellent at providing different, creative ways for people to share who they are.

Hannah Godwin