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"The arts are a great equalizer. They can give voice to the voiceless & visibility to the invisible but they can only do this if people have access to affordable arts experiences and they are represented."

Mendel Denise Service

Creating Art For All The World To See...

Mural art parks & mobile mural projects

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We are all artists. Some of us know it. Some of us don't. It is important to reach out to all people and to invite them to participate.

"Imagine it! Everyone being able to be involved in the arts and everyone being able to know that they matter."

Turning Impossible to I AM POSSIBLE!

I have lived in London and Manchester England, Cardiff and Splott, Wales, Ontario and British Columbia, Canada, Seattle, Utica, New York, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Washington, DC, Silver Springs, Maryland and Norfolk and Newport News, VA. I have learned that (across the globe) there is a need for more opportunities for people to be creative and that artists need space - but too often there is very little effort made to make sure everyone is included. 

I am developing CREATIVITY CENTERS and MOBILE ARTS, CULTURE, LEGACY & COMMUNITY BUILDING, HERITAGE & STORYTELLING CENTERS. I strongly believe it is only through our stories and through the arts that we can become fully human and exist. In order to promote this I started Mendel's heART it is a 501c3 nonprofit project under our fiscal sponsor Fractured Atlas. The mission is to generate sufficient funds and support to form a development incubator for creative people and artists and to support and encourage creative genius.

The purpose of these funds is to cover the following; Our Free Events Series, Partial & Full Scholarships, Mobile Pre Production Costs, Rent of Alternative Venues, Working Grants, Incubator Programs, Paid Residencies, Training, Special Projects and our For All The World To See Outdoor Exhibits. It doesn't matter how talented and determined a person is. They must have the means to participate in training and in personal growth and they need opportunities to create and share.

We work on a grassroots level. It is important that we break the cycle (in the arts world) of the hierarchy that results in millions of people being left out and not invited in. We, also, work to make the four equitable so that everyone can be included.

Our approach insures even the poorest among us will be able to participate and that all artists will be financially compensated for their work. We want to make sure everyone can BECOME PART OF THE EXPERIENCE!

I am determined to make sure that I help turn the IMPOSSIBLE to I AM POSSIBLE and to do this with concrete support for longterm, maximum success.


There are affordable, fun and adaptable ways to become involved. Check out our store page to see how you can participate.

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